For DAOstack

International series of events on decentralized autonomous organisations that started in Berlin on the 20th of August 2018. As the main coordinator, I was contact point, curator, brand designer, community manager etc. acting from within the DAOstack communications team.

functions performed:

Branding and Communications

Speaker Management

Event Organising 


At DAOFest 1 in Berlin

DAOfests gave me a taste of the power of community facilitation, generous onboarding documentation and (somewhat) standardised paths to engagement. Having organised 30+ events in less than 4 months the experiment came to a halt with the onset of the pandemic.

There were large DAOfests organised by myself with backing from DAOstack (Budget and communications support) and community organised meetups (which were 90% of instances.)  DAOfests proliferated fast by supporting the rise of community stewards leveraging an semi-standard event format (Local leaders present - often the organiser + DAOcanvas workshop exercises). Many of these stewards became influential in the DAO space and are now involved in relevant projects advancing the decentralized front. Visit the FestDAO project page for more! 

Playlist of DAOfest Berlin

Playlist of DAOfest Eth Denver