Metafactory Ops


Metafactory is a decentralized metabrand for fashion, collectibles and phygital goods. I joined the core team helping on the full decentralization strategy, production pipelines and brand direction. From designing garments to modeling the 3d simulations, we got it all ready for the launch of the $ROBOT token and made ourselves obsolete. Now Metafactory is run in community!

functions performed:


Production Pipeline Development 

3d modeling 

Product design 

Founders needed bandwidth to deal with the path to decentralization and the launch of the $ROBOT Token. I was brought in to help iron out the kinks on the operations side and help populate the shop on the way to a fully community managed brand. 

Every work day was a learning day - producing the 3d models, garment templates, listening to the community and spreading the learnings. It was good times and the collective result of the community is impressive and speaks for itself. I’m proud of every $ROBOT token I hold.