Decentralized Thriving

for DAOstack

My first official project in the crypto space and it holds a special place in my heart. A book with 25 articles on core issues around decentralization. I took care of design, curation, the website, etc. - even the t-shirt. The best was the privilege of inviting thought leaders and helping shaping their contributions to the book. Now more than 2 years old, I feel it aged really well.

functions performed:

Acting editor / curator / organiser 

Author relations

Book and Website Design

Cover and Chapter Art  


Most of the 25 articles on this book have aged considerably well. Decentralized Thriving was published in the beginning of 2019 and each chapter deals with decentralization’s consequences at different levels: Society, Tech Ecosystem, Teams and Individuals. 

The tome is richly illustrated and the chapter cover design became a coveted t-shirt between DAO enthusiasts and the authors are still leading figures on several projects in the space. 

All the featured authors
The shirt that was only available at DAOfest Berlin and Denver