Agency DAO and Methodology

Independent Project

A series of articles and podcasts that power a Self Development DAO. Users perform creative assignments to develop their own projects, ideas and creative pursuits. As a reward “agents” collect NFT badges that represent their development stage and can be traded in the open market. The collective creation becomes an emergent library of creative knowledge.

functions performed:


Copy Copywriting

Performing and recording


Illustration and Design

The (first) NFT Collection

There are two components to Agency: The DAO and the Methodology.


The Methodology is an engine for the creator economy. It summarises the most relevant insights in my 15 year trajectory as artist, entrepreneur, adventurer and risk taker. They touch on organisation, resilience, motivation, follow through and creative mindset. The total Method consists 15 episodes and exercises, of which 5 have been published: 

000 - Intro: Where users define a “dream” - what version of the world they are trying to bring about with their work. Here we find our “Theory of Change”.

1 - Observation: Here we practice small creative encounters with the world to help define what drives our attention and what practices fit our daily life with ease.

2 - Research: Where we connect the results of our explorations to each other and the work of others to understand how our results sit in the culture. 

3 - Process: How to own our routes to results maximizing joy in creation, protecting it from second guessing to achieve a body of work that is even worth having an opinion on. 


4 - Delivery: Focusing on adding value to those who interact with the work. In this episode we develop how and when to deliver what for who and why. 

The Agency DAO landing page


This process guides creators through the dark moments of taking creative risks and their outputs hold immense value for other creators who are also in the thick of it. Here is where the DAO comes in. 

Agency DAO allows users to share their creative processes and claim NFTs as rewards for completing Agency Methodology assignments that are accepted by the DAO. 

This mechanism will allow us to create a library of processes creating out in the open accelerating path finding, collaboration and exchange. The final step will be for users to hack into the methodology itself. From there, its uncharted territories.   

Agency DAO website 

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