Agency Comes of Age

for DAOstack

A primer on the what, how and why of DAOs including an overview of DAOstack software created in the beginning of 2019 and performed in several conferences and meetups. Download the PDF or watch the videos

functions performed:



Public Speaking 

This presentation approaches the promises (and pitfalls) of DAOs, decentralisation and invites people to engage. The story is told from the perspective of my own experience as having had my life changed by opportunities generated by working as a free agent in the space before working for DAOstack.

Focused on bringing more non-technical users to the space each version highlighted recent DAO developments and other resources like the DAO Canvas and the book “Decentralized Thriving”

Agency Comes of Age in Ljubljana in the 19th of June 2019 proposing a vision for holographic future of DAOs.

A short version of the talk as opener for DAOfest #1 in Berlin

Web3 Summit at Dgov Node

Agency comes of age at Supermarkt in Berlin, November 2019